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NAPS-02 details
Spec | A mechanism of "Unnecessary Initial Setup" | How to use | Battery drive| Using in Transpotation | Applied PC card list

Wireless LAN router NAPS-02 for COOLSPOT recognises inserted PC card and construct the suitable hot spot by the PC card automatically, so that any configuration is unnecessary.

When required an original setting, an additional setting can be done from the maintenance web screen. At most 10 cards information can be managed.
(NOTE: any LAN card is counted as same one information. )

Data communication card | LAN card | Built-in LAN port

Data communication card (Cards list | Instruction)

Information which accompanies initialized dial-up number, account, and other cards is automatically loaded. Please see here about the default.

- For instance, a dial-up number only for b-mobile, the account for b-mobile, and the compression proxy setting, etc. are automatically loaded for b-mobile.


LAN card (Cards list | Instruction)

Internet Protocol address that NAPS-02 distributes to wireless LAN side with DHCP is automatically changed according to information distributed from the DHCP server on cable LAN side. Please see here about correspondence LAN card.

Though it is set to the private address which starts by wireless LAN side 192.168 usually, Cable, LAN, side, Internet Protocol address, start, private address, wireless, LAN, side, start, private address, automatic, change.Therefore, batting Internet Protocol address in LAN can be constructed and the customer construct the hot spot consciously.


Built-in LAN port (Instruction)

It is basically the same as above-mentioned "LAN card sticks" being not able to use built-in LAN port to connect client PC.

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