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10 October 2006: We are published in the feature article titled "Asterisk that faces real thing", on the Nikkei Communication (1 October 2006) (This magazine is written in Japanese only)

-Embedded Software Trust development -

We develop firmwares of a variety of built-in equipment such as x86/ARM(IXP)/PPC/MIPS/SH/H8.

-Server construction and network design -

  • Windows Server / Linux Server construction (Debian, Redhat, Miracle, and several distributions)
  • LAN design ( Several routers, L2/L3 switches, wireless LAN, and wide-area LAN

-RICE-PBX(TM) : Asterisk IP-PBX Server-

We offer the IP-PBX server "RICE-PBX" by the opensource IP-PBX software "Asterisk".

  • Basic telephone function(extension telephone call and outside line telephone)
  • Interactive teleconference, forwarding, telephone call recording, and answering
  • IVR/CTI can be used.
  • Various VoIP/VoWLAN terminals and analog telephone terminals can be used.
  • Based on Debian GNU/Linux
  • Protocols: SIP, IAX, and so on.
  • Diva Server (by Eicon Networks) : ISDN BRI / 4BRI / PRI can be used.

Please inquire details.

- Bubble Mesh(R) -

All are easily wiress, already.

To make the continuous connection with PHS

that Japan achieved in advance of the world, more familiar,

A cool spot helps you.

A cool spot ties easily wireless LAN and PHS.

Moreover, a router for cool spot drives the battery.

Then you uses laptop, very cool!!

Everything becomes wireless already !!

Two kinds are prepared in the following cool spots.

  • Release 1.0 corresponding to a lot of communications cards
  • Business release 1.5 for wireless LAN relay which can be used on large floor.

COOLSPOT is available with...

Japan Communications
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"Wireless Mesh" is a technology which lots of wireless nodes make radio-connections each other, so that they make routes to object on demand. This is a only solution to make critical telecommunication path immediately and without any fail, in urgent situation such as huge disaster and terrorism. In the United States of America , this kind of technology is already applied for radio communication of the rescue.


On the otherhand, "The Bubble Mesh(R) " by Next Magic Inc. is a brand-new technology against the ordinal wireless mesh technologies. The Bubble Mesh(R) is from not a ordinal Mesh theory but the Bubble theory origin by Next Magic Inc. Since we know the effects of our Bubble theory is to be a "yet another Mesh" so we call this Bubble network as a "Bubble Mesh(R)".

The Bubble Mesh(R) makes many communication path and route increasing, decreasing, isolating, dispersioning, as on demand, so that it has very good features such as "any communication is never stopped against a part of relay operation failure", "impossible decording frames from radio tapping".

Please inquire details.

This website is composed as simple as easily access with COOLSPOT.
"RICE-PBX" is a Trademark of Next Magic Inc. in Japan.
"COOLSPOT", "Bubble Mesh" are Registered trademarks of Next Magic Inc. in Japan.

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