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Products & Services : -Instant HOTSPOT service "COOLSPOT(R) " - Ultimate Wireless Mesh "Bubble Mesh(TM)" - Development Support

Turn on the power, and wait just 2minutes!
Battery drive Available, A totally wireless & Instant HOTSPOT service.

Release 1.5 detail is here.

What is the COOLSPOT?

Anyplace, Anytime, for who want to make a HOTSPOT as you wish,
Instant HOTSPOT service "COOLSPOT" is only suitable solution.

You can easily make a hot spot with 128kbps in a free place by using a COOLSPOT service.(Japan domestic only).When it is suddenly urged by the hot spot construction in the event seminar hall etc. , COOLSPOT is a very effective solution.

Activity scene in COOLSPOT...

  • When you suddenly need the Internet connection environment in halls such as the academic society, seminars, and the training associations.
  • When you need public wireless LAN spot in the event hall etc.
  • When you want to make the Internet connection environment in the bus, the passenger car, and the railway, etc.

A cool spot satisfies the demand of such "Temporary housing Internet connection".
Even if the customer does not have wireless LAN, this service can be used because this supports not only wireless LAN but also cable LAN connection by 10BASE-T. (When the customer connects cable LAN with two or more PC, connected device such as hubs is separately needed. )

Be careful about the temperature rise such as exposing the installation location of wireless LAN router NAPS-02 to direct sunshine when the Internet connection environment is made from the bus etc.The battery drive with a general dry battery etc. is also possible. About several hours - one day can be operated.

  • When the PHS radio signal does not reach easily.

The following stories target the person who should take out notebook computer to window side to connect PHS. You can connect the Internet in a free place in case of the range where wireless LAN reaches if you use router NAPS-02 for a cool spot. (NAPS-02 is wireless LAN router which can use PHS for the Internet connection line. This is not a repeater which extends the radio signal of PHS. )

  • For the person who has the PHS data connection PCMCIA card etc. already...

You can buy router NAPS-02 only for a cool spot with the unit, and your communication card be used. Most cards can be used as it is in an unnecessary setting.

For details, please refer COOLSPOT details page.


This website is composed as simple as easily access with COOLSPOT.
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