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-NAPS-02 Release 1.5 -

Free Trial Campaign : from 12 July 2004 to 6 August 2004
( Time for application : from 6 July to 30 July)

For testing NAPS-02 implemented "Release 1.5" firmware,

| Release 1.5 | About campaign |

About Release 1.5

NAPS-02 "Release1.0" was based on the concept "many laptops with wireless LAN share one PHS connection". Now, this "Release1.5" was born by the concept of "many wireless LAN routers (NAPS-02) sharing one PHS connection" in addition to "Release 1.0".

"Release1.5" firmware is not compatible with "Release1.0". Already We had provided "Release 1.5" as the business or OEM use as well, and now we decided to release as test which is implemented the radio relay function (WDS). "Release1.5" has the merit which can build the Internet connection environment by preparing two NAPS-02 in the place which PHS radio signal is not easy to reach.

As shown in the above figure, a PHS card is inserted in one of NAPS-02, and no card is inserted in another NAPS-02. Then, latter NAPS-02 connects to the former NAPS-02 and so both NAPS-02 can share one PHS. Although the maximum radius which one NAPS-02 can provides is 50m ( for comfortable use, within 30m radius is better), two of NAPS-02 connected with relay function, can extend the cover range to about 60m - 100m.

Restriction of using "Release1.5" :

  1. A corresponding data-communications card is only "B-mobile" by Japan Communications Inc. ("Release 1.5 does not correspond with other cards, such as AirH" and FOMA.)
  2. For wireless LAN, "Release 1.5" correspond with IEEE802.11b only. It does not correspond to 11a/g. (IEEE 802.11g wireless LAN has a compatible mode with IEEE802.11b)
  3. ESS-ID is fixed with"COOLSPOT" and no WEP.
  4. Any settings such as a radio channel, WEP cannot be performed.
  5. No user interface such as Web.
  6. Maximum relay (WDS) connection is three sets.

Campaign details


Corporate users or public organization users, domestic in Japan ( this campaign is not for personal users) who can approve on condition as follows,

  1. Who want to challenge making wireless LAN spot service in the place where PHS cannot reach the whole building easily.
  2. Who think can install only by reading explanation writing of this web page.
    (Although it has no manual, NAPS-02 can be installed with just plugging in a power supply, in fact.)
  3. In Next Magic's website, we may notify of the place and a period of your wireless LAN spot.
  4. Please fill out of an easy questionnaire after finishing COOLSPOT trial service.
  5. Possibly you will get e-mail which is contained New product, campaign information, etc, from Next Magic Inc.
    up to Mr. first-arrival 3 person -- the one corporation (the organization) -- per -- I will consider as use of 1 time and a maximum of one week
    Please confirm the electric wave state of PHS beforehand.
    Rental period :

The inside for one month on Mon., July 12, 2004 to Fri., August 6, 2004, and 1 corporation (the one organization), a maximum of one week. By the gratis rental opening day, I send the contents thing of a rental. For a maximum of one week, after using freely, I return-wish-do at the next day.

Application registration period :

I receive in mail, a telephone, and facsimile from 10:00 on Tue., July 6, 2004 till 17:00 on Fri., July 30, 2004.

The contents of a rental :

NAPS-02 (Release1.5) 2 set
B-mobile card (when it already has a B-mobile card, I can also provide without a card.) One sheet In that case, I will extend a gratis rental period at two weeks.
Power supply adapter. (case it is required -- battery case)
Support by the telephone within a period, and mail
There is no manual.
A mailing cost and the charge of return are no charge. (the time of return -- enclosed C.O.D. -- please use a parcel delivery service label)
The application method :

It is this website about a corporation name, a charge person name, a contact (a mail address, telephone number), a use period, and the appointed sending place. Form since -- I connection-wish-do or info@nextmagic.com I until-mail-wish-do Reply mail is given here.


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