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COOLSPOT - What isCOOLSPOT? - Service style - Price - Router (NAPS-02) details -

About COOLSPOT | Consulting & SI | Rental | Router sales (as a Sample)

(for details of "Release 1.5", please see here)

A COOLSPOT is service which constructs the hot spot temporarily. The following three offer methods are adopted.

  1. Consulting and SI: Include even in system design-construction of wireless LAN whole, and as inclusive service
  2. Rental service: The rental service included the whole necessary package (Router, PHS card, PHS telecommunication service, all included).
  3. Router unit sales: When the customer has the data communication card (PHS, FOMA, GPRS, etc.), we sell an exclusive router for COOLSPOT as a sample.

Consulting & System Integration

It corresponds individually. Please inquire details.

Rental Service

The following things are included in the package. Please see the price list for details.

  1. PHS card(Either the following is selected. )
    1. (customer own telecom card)
    2. DDI Pocket's PHS card (AirH")
    3. Japan Communication's PHS card (b-mobile)
  2. Wireless LAN access router
    for exclusive use of COOLSPOT (NAPS-02)

* PHS : Personal Handyphone System ( used in Japan as a very popular data communication service, and several countries in Asia region as a very reasonable price telecommunication service.)

Router Unit Sales (Sample)

NAPS-02, a wireless LAN router which is specialized for COOLSPOT.

Because the software installed in this router is specialized for making hotspot, so everyone can freely set up the hotspot, as well as manage it, remove it, only by putting a power plug in/out a socket.

NAPS-02 is a compact, A5 file size, 480g (included PHS card) so it can be carried out by one hand.

Please refer NAPS-02 page in detail.

This website is composed as simple as easily access with COOLSPOT.
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