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Next Magic Inc. is developing an ultimate Wireless Mesh(*) technology called "Bubble Mesh(R)".

Since we were selected for the Venture Support Ware evaluation book delivery enterprise by the Venture Enterprise Center in 2004, we came to be able to receive various support up to now, so that our development of Bubble Mesh(R) accelerated greatly. Thank you indeed for support of everybody. We will zealously advance development in the future.

"Bubble Mesh(R) is from the water bubble architecture, which is,

  • a technology for the wireless relay equipments. Not a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) implementation technology.
  • a technology achieves on-demand routing, route increasing and decreasing, isolating, redundant, secret distribution, link aggregation (bulk).
  • a technology objects "Perfect Arrival of any packts in the urgent situation such as huge disaster or terrorism".
  • a kind of OSI layer 2 technology so that it is friendly with ordinal wireless equipments or ordinal protocols such as TCP/IP especially IPv6.
  • a technology not for lower-consumption of electricity such as ordinal wireless ad-hoc multihop network technologies, but for a scalable network (means contained huge number of nodes).
  • a technology for the region where the core/edge broadband infra is not maintained.
  • a technology contained the protocol optimized to the packet phone system (included IP phone) of the vicinity (about 1km-5km).
  • a technology which the each node of the unit without having trouble resistance to suppresses its cost, but the trouble is covered by its own mechanism on the network side.

Please inquire details.

(*) Wireless Mesh technology is a kind of Ad-hoc Multi-hop wireless relay technology. We just had used a name "Public Wireless MAN" until 2004 year, because the "Mesh" is not a famous. In this year 2004, the Mesh is getting famous, and we also had revealed our Bubble Mesh(R) technology in the session of Nippon Angels Forum on 27 May 2004, so we replaced a words to "Bubble Mesh(R)" for unify the website description. (Our develepment of "Bubble Mesh(R) is completely same as before.

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