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NAPS-02 details
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NAPS-02, a wireless router specialized for COOLSPOT can operate the battery in a short time. Using eight D batteries for whole one day. The interface for the battery is an optional.

Operation time of COOLSPOT: NAPS-02 with PHS(b-mobile)

Operation time
AA size Oxyride (Oxy Nickel Hydroxide) battery
6 cells in a series
5 hours
320 minutes
Measured not with b-mobile but with DDI Pocket "AH-S504C" and Panasonic's Battery "ZR6Y"
AA size Nickel-Hydrogen rechargeable battery
3 hours
185 minutes
1600mAh, for digital cameras, standard in Japan.
5.8 hours
350 minutes
AA size Alkaline battery 4 cells in a series
1 hours
88 minutes
6 cells in a series
2 hours
127 minutes
D size Nickel -Hydrogen rechargeable battery 5 cells in a series
5 hours
304 minutes
D size Alkaline battery 5 cells in a series
7 hours
466 minutes
6 cells in a series
20 hours
1208 minutes
8 cells(*)

33 hours
(over one day)

1800 minutes
* 2 pair units parallel (One unit is a 4 cells in a series)
MyBattery by Japan Trust Technology Inc. One unit
9 hours
555 minutes
(Measured in 12 May 2003, 6V mode, 2700mAh)
http://www.jtt.ne.jp/products/pc/mybatt/ (written in Japanese)

Measuring method:

  1. Insert b-mobile card (BMH10-J) in NAPS-02 and put the power plug in a socket. (When starting, begin the measurement).
  2. Execute Ping(64bytes) continuous from a client laptop PC (Thinkpad s30 inside wireless LAN edition) to a specific site every second.
  3. When the telco cut its connection, a continuous connection is maintained by the automatic re-dial function of NAPS-02.
  4. Time when the b-mobile card is not able to be kept dialing is assumed (because of the voltage low) to be operation time.


  1. This table is a reference value, so that we don't guarantee the operation time. Because there are an individual difference of the battery and a difference by charging time, etc.
  2. The operation time is depends on which telecommunication card is installed.


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