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NAPS-02 details
Spec | A mechanism of "Unnecessary Initial Setup" | How to use | Battery drive| Using in Transpotation | Applied PC card list

Specs of the package used by the COOLSPOT service are tabulated. For the rental service, not only the router NAPS-02 and also the PHS line are attached.

Router(NAPS-02) | PHS line


Model number
Size and weight

145mm x 220mm (A5 file size)
480g (be able to carry by one hand, included PHS card's weight)

Interface LAN interface
Cable LAN part: IEEE802.3(10BASE-T)
Wireless LAN part: IEEE802.11b
WAN interface

PCMCIA slot TypeII(one slot)
It corresponds to the PCMCIA type telecommunication card of the main telecom carrier in Japan.
(Refer to "PC cards list" for the correspondence card. )

Maintenance interface
Serial port(D-Sub 9pin)
Condition requirements Temprature (in operation) : 0C to 40C degrees, at most 80% in humidity, without be dewys.
Temprature (in keeping) : -20C to 60C degrees, at most 95% in humidity without be dewys.
Power supply AC adaptor use (DC6.5V, 1.5A output). The reference data when the battery is used is here.
Application Basic function Wireless LAN access point, NAPT, and DHCP server client
Applied function

Automatic recognition of LAN and WAN card
(Refer to "PC cards list" for the recognized card.)

Automatic subnet switch when LAN is connected.
Automatic cutting and re-dialup WAN connection.
Transparent proxy(for b-mobile proxies and various proxies)
Adjustment network time (by NTP server.)

One day temporary encryption with WEP (64bit/128bit) to charge. (Corresponds with date and time which can offset for late-night operation. (*)

One day temporary account with login gateway page, without WEP, to free of charge.(Corresponds with date and time which can offset for late-night operation. (*)

Positional information detection(**)

Inducement to specific URL of first time log in(***)

*Only the rental goods correspond. Only the sole proprietor separately receives the corporation.
**under development.
***Only the rental service is supported now. beforehand the URL is set.


PHS line(Only for the rental service)

Line kind Either made of Japan communication (Or, U100) BMH-10J or made of the DDI pocket AH-G10.
(for multi link method both)
Line contract The corporation with the next felt-tipped marker has been contracted.

Other lines properly additionally meet the user needs.

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