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with PHS/Mobile data cards

How to connect to the Internet by NAPS-02
with PHS/cellular phone card

PHS card instlation is written in this page. The cellular phone card is similar with this method.. First of all, find the place where it meets the following requirements.

[Please put NAPS-02 on such a place]

  1. Place within electric ware ranges of PHS.
  2. The distance from NAPS-02 to the computers is noted.
    1. Within 50m (Light of sight).
    2. Within 7m (No light of sight).
  3. Water does not splash, and direct sunshine is avoided.



Put the NAPS-02 on the safe place and insert PHS card into PCMCIA slot of NAPS-02.

(Please do not turn on the power supply until the card is put. )


Turn on the power supply to start NAPS-02.

If the card inserted this time is different from the card last time, NAPS-02 will re-load the card information file from FlashROM then it takes some more time to launch NAPS-02 (around 2-3min).

(Please see the reference in the manual about the behavior of LED under launching. )


NAPS-02 dials-up to the Internet. Afterwards, a preparation necessary for wireless LAN service is complete.

  • Confirmation of PHS dial-up normality
  • Acquisition of IP address of NAPS-02 (outside address)
  • Acquisition of DNS server address
  • Acquisition of NTP time
    (For the account time adjustment and for the self check)

Wireless LAN side for the computers connection starts.

When wireless LAN starts, the computers in wireless LAN area receives the signal of wireless LAN (beacon).

After a while, IP address is distributed from the DHCP server of NAPS-02.

(The method of connecting the computers to the Internet via NAPS-02 is described in detail to "How to connect to the Internet from the notebook computers" on the post-page. )


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