with built-in LAN port

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with LAN port installed in NAPS-02
How to connect to the Internet/Intranet by NAPS-02
with built-in LAN port

The same function as the connection of LAN using LAN card is achieved by using built-in LAN port.

Though LAN port built-in NAPS-02 is usually used for client computer side, to use this built-in LAN port for the Internet/Intranet connection, COOLSPOT service by LAN connection can be provided without any PC cards. At this time, built-in LAN port cannot be used as client computer side.

(A set change by maintenance web is necessary for prior. Please refer to the following procedure. The DHCP server is necessary for customer's existing LAN. If there is no DHCP server, please set IP address to NAPS-02 by manually.)

[Relation between IP address system on customer side LAN and IP address on wireless LAN side]

Customer side LAN is 192.168.xxx.yyy ---> wireless LAN side is set to
Customer sides LAN is other addressing ---> wireless LAN side is set to



Put the NAPS-02 on the safe place and plug the power into socket. DO NOT INSERT THE PC CARD.

After booting of NAPS-02, log in maintenance web of NAPS-02, and select "Change Mode" and press "Use built-in LAN port as the Internet connection" button.(DO NOT REBOOT YET. )


Connect built-in LAN port with the hub/switch in the customer's LAN, then reboot NAPS-02. (Use straight cable to connect hub/switch. Cross-over cable to connect directly the router or the computer.)


After rebooting, NAPS-02 acquires DHCP information from the customer's LAN.

Afterwards, a preparation necessary for wireless LAN service is complete.

  • Confirmation of LAN connection normality
  • Acquisition of IP address of NAPS-02 (outside address)
  • Acquisition of DNS server address
  • Acquisition of NTP time
    (For the account time adjustment and for the self check)

Wireless LAN side for the computers connection starts.

When wireless LAN starts, the computers in wireless LAN area receives the signal of wireless LAN (beacon).

After a while, IP address is distributed from the DHCP server of NAPS-02.

At this time, the IP address in wireless LAN side is different from customer side existing LAN, not to conflict each other..

NOTE: Impossible to use built-in LAN port to connect computers with cable LAN because built-in LAN port is used to connect the Internet in this time.

(The method of connecting the computers to the Internet via NAPS-02 is described in detail to "How to connect to the Internet from the notebook computers" on the post-page. )

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