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News Release in 2004

News in 2004

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-October 2004-

19 October 2004

In the Vecture Support Ware of foundation Venture Enterprise Center (VEC) , Next Magic was selected by the development plan of an autonomous, decentralized network by the evaluation book delivery enterprise.

At the CAFEHAGI (In front of Yamanote-line Mejiro station, Tokyo) where we started the Internet connection service (examination) , we put a laptop PC for visitors. Please feel free to access any websites.

-August 2004-

25 August 2004

We start the examination service of COOLSPOT release1.5 at the CAFEHAGI (In front of Yamanote-line Mejiro station, Tokyo) from 26 Aug 2004. You can use wired/wireless hybrid internet connection in this cafe.

  • Price: free of charge for visitor of CAFEHAGI (during examination period)
  • We hope an additional order when one hour passes.
  • Corredpondence PC: Windows/Macintosh, wired LAN/ wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b)
  • How to connect: Please refer the guide sheet at the cafe.Please not to ask it to the cafe staffs/owner.
  • Speed: Max 128kbps
  • Optional Free Service: You can use AC100V power supply for PC, and recharger for your mobile phone ( Docomo, AU, Vodafone, TU-KA).

-July 2004-

26 July 2004

We are published on the Denkei-Shinbun newspaper, the serial story of "the frontline of the IT venture company". On this article, our representive Shu Hagiwara is an interviewee. -PDF article (Translated from Japanese to English, 134KB) Text article (Written in English, normal text file, 4KB).

24 July 2004

On the 15th conference event of The Japanese Society of Environmental Education, in Tokyo, the participants can use an Internet connection service by COOLSPOT Release 1.5 (128kbps, with WDS). From 31 July to 1 August, At Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus.

  • Users : Participants of this conference. ( Registeration is required for participate the conference)
  • Dates : 31 July (Sat) - 1 August (Sun)
    * Except a pre-event date (30 July) from the whole dates of the conference 30 July (Fri) - 1 August (Sum)
  • Place : In the resting room (Rm. 5121, 5th Bldg.)
  • Radio Range: Whole area of the resting room by the WDS feature.
  • Speed: Maximum 128kbps (by b-mobile PHS card) , best-effort.
  • How to use: Wireless LAN or Wired LAN
    • Wired LAN: 10BASE-T. Please bring your LAN straight cable.( There are some spare cables)
    • Wireless LAN: IEEE802.11b (ESS-ID "ANY" or blank. without WEP)
  • Charge: Free :-)

5 July 2004

We release a COOLSPOT Release 1.5 with a WDS (Wireless Distribution System) is implemented, as an experimental release. Release 1.5 is a different from Release 1.0 so the owners of Release 1.0 are not available to upgrade by uploading firmware from 1.0 to 1.5. Please wait for this commercial release. We will prepare upgrade scheme from 1.0 to 1.5 by a sendback method.

  • Please refer for details.
  • We start a free rent campaign to use Release 1.5.

    * We are sorry that already the application period is finished. From 12 July to 6 August, during this one month, maximum rental period is one week. The application should be reached us from 6 July to 30 July, only for domestic, and only for corporate users or organization users. Not for individual users.

We updated a list of "NAPS-02 Battery Drive list".

  • Added an operation time of COOLSPOT using "AA size Oxyride (Oxy Nickel Hydroxide) battery"

We added an explaination of the Bubble Mesh(TM) on our toppage.

-May 2004-

27 May 2004

At the Nippon Angel's Forum (NAF) , Venture Company Introduction Session, we had a presentation of the Bubble Mesh(TM) which is a yet another "Wireless Mesh". Since we had revealed the Bubble Mesh(TM) , we replace the keywords "Public Wireless MAN" to "Bubble Mesh(TM)" on our website. From now, we will update explaination of our Bubble Mesh(TM) such as advantages against ordinal Wireless Mesh technologies.

-March 2004-

31 Mar 2004

We made a site map. The price list is displayed as "tax-inclusive" by Japanese law starts from 1 Apr 2004.

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