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  1. Summary

    Next Magic Inc. was established in June 2001, in order to develop products & services which " streamlines the thought activity of the person ".

    We decompose the idea process to person's "Discovery of the problem" to "Solution of the problem" from two sides of "Information" and "Communication", and offer the essence to hasten and to leap the uniting speed between each element.

  2. Decomposition, arrangement, and transmission of information
  3. In the idea process of the person, the step of 1-4 like the above figure is repeated. There is an offspring process of (a) decomposition (b) transmission (c) uniting information in each step. Always "Translation" and "Selection" of information are in each process. We pay attention to a common part in such an idea process, then we develop the product and service which maximizes the efficiency of each offspring process. Finally, we maximize the efficiency of all idea process from "Discovery of the problem" to "Solution of the problem" by applying them to each step.

  4. Classes of information
  5. Information to be worthy is divided roughly into two kinds "Form wisdom" and "Tacit knowledge". Also in each information, there must be "Sender" and "Receiver". Now since the age of the Internet, "All members are senders, and all members are receivers" is an ideal. Because the telecommunication infrastructure which supports the Internet is still a centralization type (= a tree style architecture), neither single nor the sender passes the sender chiefly keeping and the transmission of form wisdom. The sender is usually single, and just keeps form wisdom or just transmits. Tacit knowledge is a structure which has not been transmitted easily yet for us. Moreover, tacit knowledge is the one transmitted by man's patient communications. The sender and the receiver are various, and places changes at times. A present telecommunications system is not the best for such communications. We, Next Magic Inc., offer the communication network system which optimizes it to man's communications. Anyway, if "Efficient method of communication of form wisdom" and "Efficient method of communication of tacit knowledge" can be achieved, the idea speed will be rapidly improved.

  6. Individual problem
  7. "Solution company" which does help which solves an individual problem of the customer already exists a lot. We aim to make many customer's "Ability to solve the problem" early in dramatic form by doing focus only to efficiency improvement in a common process to all problems.

  8. The first problem

    First of all, We want to think about the optimization of the information infrastructure and the communication infrastructure. Finally, we raise the information layer handled little by little, and aim improving the efficiency by adding "Our essence" to the flow of all information.


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